CPM series solar inverter is a high-performance, high-tech power supply equipment independently designed by Psmart. Highly digital management, energy saving and high efficiency. To solve the problem of power consumption in the areas with bad power environment.

Floor standing design

Easy installation

7-inch touch control

DSP control technology

Unbalabnce ouptut function

IGBT drive from Mitsubishi/Fuji/Infineon

Built-in 30A AC charger

Built-in MPPT SCC

Intelligent ATS switching

Low no load power consumption

Built-in ring transformer with 3times peak power

7-inch touch control screen
Power Range: 8-40kw 
Battery voltage: 192/360vdc 
Output voltage: 208/220/380/400/415Vac (Three phase)
MPPT SCC: 50/100A
Max PV input: 192vdc: 230-450Voc ; 360vdc: 430-600Voc
Wifi module monitor(Option)